In 1997, Game Time licensed sports watches was founded. The company was launched by the “revolutionary” schedule watch. Years ahead of its time, the schedule watch allowed its owner to see -- at a glance of their watch -- who his or he favorite team was playing and the start time of the game. When the game was to commence, an alarm would sound playing the National Anthem; reminding the person wearing the watch that it’s “GAME TIME.” At the beginning, Game Time was selling one schedule watch at a time through mail orders (remember, 1997 was pre-internet).

Over the last 20 years, the company has grown to become the number- one selling watch licensee in the history of the NFL, NHL and MLB. The Game Time line now includes dozens of watch styles (from kids’ digital watches to high-end limited edition watches). Some of the licensors from which Game Time has secured licenses over the years include the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, WWE, CLC, LLP, MLS, FIFA, BPR, Mossy Oak, and NASCAR.

In 2017, Game Time will launch the first-ever officially licensed Smart Watch for the NFL and NHL. The Smart Watch will sync with both Android and IOS. Features will include a choice of analog or digital watch face, reminder for incoming SMS, call & answer -- or reject -- phone, Bluetooth music player, clock alarm, sedentary reminder, pedometer, recorder, remote camera control, calendar, calculator, synchronized phone book, social media applications, and your choice of officially licensed team logos and colors on the face of your watch. It’s 2017 and we’ve come a long way from the Schedule Watch!

Please take the opportunity to check out the new Game Time Watch website and check out all of our new styles for your favorite sports teams -- with even more teams and styles coming soon. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (links below) for promotions, giveaways and everything Game Time!  


Adam Pennington