Game Time Watches Warranty:

Your Game Time Watch comes with a 1 year Warranty. The owner is warrantied for up to 1 year from the original date of which it was purchased against defects in materials and workmanship under the terms and conditions of this warranty. There will also be proof of purchase required.

The warranty covers the subsequent: Watch Movements, Hands, Dial and Crown.

The warranty does not include:

-Battery, Case, Crystal, Strap, Bracelet or Other Embellishments

-Damage caused by the owner due to lack of proper care, accidents, or normal wear and tear

-Water damage if watch is not marked as water resistant

Water Resistance Information/Chart:

30M or 3ATM water resistance only protects against water splashes.  This does not include any submersion including showering, bathing, swimming or washing dishes. 

m, ft, atm  Washing Hands Rain Washing Car Showering Swimming Submersion
30m, 100ft, 3atm Yes Yes Yes No No No
50m, 160ft, 5atm Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
100m, 330ft, 10atm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
200m, 660ft, 20atm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes






SMARTWATCH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q) How does my smartwatch power on?


(A) The power button located on the right hand side of the face must be held down for three seconds to power on and off.


Q) How does my Smart Watch connect via Bluetooth to my Smart Phone?


(A) First you must make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both devices. On your watch, go to >BT CONNECT APP> Search new device.

Next take your Phone > Settings > Bluetooth > Go to discoverable devices and pair with "DM88"


Q) How do I sync my contacts from my phone to my watch?


(A) To sync your contacts on your watch you are going to open up the phone-book application on the watch and click the first option "Sync With Phone" after about a 15 second import, your contacts will appear.


Q) Do I have to connect to my Smart Watch everyday?


(A) No, as long as the Watch has not gone out of range of the phone it will not disconnect. Disconnect only occurs when the watch is out of Bluetooth range of the Smart Device. 


Q) How long does it take the Smart Watch to be charged? 


(A) The Smart Watch requires up to 2 hours to be charged completely. 


Q) Can I use voice command on my Smart Watch to perform actions on my phone?


(A) Yes! The application Hi-Voice is your voice controlled assistant that will help you send texts, phone calls and more. It is linked to the voice command function on your Smart Device.


 Q) Can I control my music and volume on the SmartWatch


(A) Yes, you have full control over music selection and volume with your Smart Watch.


Q) Is my Smartwatch waterproof?


(A) The Smartwatch is not waterproof, but is considered water-resistant. The Smart Watch is built with high end technology and should never be submerged in water. If your Smart Watch becomes wet and error occurs, dry as quickly as possible and power off.


Q) Is my Smart Watch shatterproof?


(A) The Smart Watch is not considered shatterproof. Please make sure watch strap is always secured properly to avoid accidents to screen and casing.


Q) Can I reset my Smart Watch?


(A) The Smart Watch can be reset by going to the "Settings" application, scrolling to the bottom, and selecting the "Reset" button. This will completely wipe out your watch and its memory.


Q) How can I test my heart rate with my Smart Watch?


(A) You can test your heart rate through the "Heart Rate" application just by simply pressing start and breathing. For most accurate results, test up to a minute.

 This feature is not approved for medical reasons and should not be used for so.